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We are for Adoption!

We currently have no babies for adoption!

We treat your cat like the royalty they are!

We offer two sizes of kennels for cats. As seen above, the kennels to the left consist of three levels for roaming and one level underneath for litter box space. If your cat is active or will be staying with us for a long period of time, then we reccomend utilizing the larger kennels. To the left, we have smaller kennels with two levels and one underneth for the litter box. This is a great option for older cats, less active cats, or shorter stays. Both kennels offer a comfortable, quiet, and stress free place for your kitties to relax until you get home.

Please review our price list below. Please be sure to Contact Us for immediate boarding requests, or use our Boarding Appointment Request form for trips that are planned in the future.

We have different prices based on whether your family pet is a dog or a cat. If you have a specialized pet, such as a bird, please contact our Boarding Department for a price quote.

Weekday Hours 8 AM- 5 PM
Weekend Hours 8-10 AM 4-6 PM
Day Boarding $12
Prices Per Day 1-4 Nights 5+ Nights
Town House $20 $18
With Medication $21 $19
Additional Occupant $10 $8
Add't Occupant w/Medication $11 $9
Tower $25 $23
With Medication $26 $24
Additional Occupant $10 $8
Add't Occupant w/Medication $11 $9
*Please note all prices subject to change without notice