Dr. Leeth Harper

Clinic Facts

Overpopulation Control ...

All of our vets at this clinic firm believe in helping control overpopulation for cats and dogs.  Both Dr. Harper and Dr. Lombeida assist in low cost surgery clinics in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Over 25 Years Local...

Village Pet Hospital was the first vet services clinic to open its doors in Bella Vista in 1987.  We remodeled and found a new, much larger location in 2010.

Occasional Wildlife Vets...

While not our specialty, we do try and perform urgent care for owls, vultures, squirrels, or other wild animals until we can get them to a local rehab facility.

Fun Pet Facts

The founder of Hill's Pet Nutrition, Dr. Mark Morris Sr., was one of the first veterinarians to understand the connection between food and companion animal health.  In 1939, he developed breakthrough pet nutrition to improve the health of a Seeing Eye dog named Buddy.

Hills Pet www.hillspet.com

Cats can drink seawater. Unlike humans, cats have kidneys that can filter out salt and use the water content to hydrate their bodies.

Robyn Wilder BuzzFeed

LThe Beatles song "A Day in the Life" has an extra high-pitched whistle, audible only to dogs. It was recorded by Paul McCartney for the enjoyment of his Shetland sheepdog.

The Beatles BarkPost.com

Dr Harper

Dr. Harper graduated from Louisana State University and became a veterinarian in 2000. He purchased Village Pet Hospital from Dr. Arnold and became it's primary vet in 2003.

His love for animals and their owners make him an exceptional vet. Dr. Harper works primarily on small animals, such as dogs and cats, but he has tackled various wild life from time to time.

When he isn't working at the clinic, he enjoys being at the lake, hiking, skiing, or going to movies with his wife and kids. Not to mention the occasional walk on the beach (as often as possible!).

Dr. Harper is available Monday thru Friday at the clinic unless he is on vacation.