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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I spay or neuter my pet?
  2. Should my pets be on flea and tick prevention? Should my dog be on heartworm prevention?
  3. Do I have to schedule an appointment for my pets to be seen?
  4. What if I have an emergency?
  5. Can I make payments on my account?
  6. When should my pets be spayed or neutered?
  7. Do my pets have to have vaccines?
  8. Do my pets have to see a docter before getting medications?
  9. How often should my pets go to the vet?

Answer 1:

Yes! Having your pets spayed and neuterd not only cuts down on over population, but can help prevent bad behavior, spraying, and potentially deadly diseases such as certain cancers and pyometra.

Answer 2:

Yes! Fleas and ticks can cause more issues than just itchiness. it is important to keep them protected- especially in the summer months! Heartworms are most common in dogs and can be very deadly! Keeping them on a monthly heartworm prevention can potentailly save their lives and keep them dewormed for intestinal parasites as well!

Answer 3:

Yes, please! By scheduling an appointment, we are able to insure that we have proper resources available!

Answer 4:

If you are experiencing an emergency, come in! If it is happening during non-business hours, then utilize the Animal Emergency Clinic in Springdale.

Answer 5:

Our clinic is a pay-at-service facility. We accept most forms of payment- including Care Credit and excluding American Express.

Answer 6:

Having your pets spayed or neutered is permitted and highly reccomended between 4 and 6 months. Older pets can be fixed as well!

Answer 7:

Annual rabies vaccines are required by law. Other vaccines are highly reccomended but otherwise optional- unless your pets will be seeing a groomer or boarding facility.

Answer 8:

Yes! Doctor's visits are REQUIRED in order to recieve prescription medications.

Answer 9:

Annual check-ups are reccomended for all pets. Bi-annual check-ups are preferred for senior pets.